Mancini Leather Goods – 25 Years of Success

Mar 04

Mancini Leather Goods – 25 Years of Success

Crest - Mancini 25th Anniv 3D Metal

Crest - Mancini 25th Anniv 3D Metal

Crest - Mancini 25th Anniv 3D Metal ?????

As its 25th anniversary is approaching, Mancini Leather Goods company looks back at the history of success, shares plans for the future and reveals the secret behind inspiration and its special relationship with the customers.

Q: What is your secret of being a successful and well-recognized brand for so many years? A: We attribute our success to our ability to predict industry trends and react quickly. Our creative abilities allow us to redefine our products and apply the latest techniques to create collections that are the perfect fusion of fashion and function. We are recognized by our dealers as a brand that produces innovative quality products that sell through well. From the consumers’ perspective, our quality/price ratio and warranty has solidified our position as industry leaders. We will always back all MANCINI products 100%. Of course our twenty five- year experience in the leather goods industry and our obsessive attention to details certainly don’t hurt!

Q: Are you planning anything special on your 25th anniversary? A: We have incorporated a 25thanniversary theme throughout our organization and our trade shows. Look for our promotions and specials throughout 2014.  

Q: Where does your inspiration for new items or collections come from? A: We love the industry and interacting with people. We are constantly researching the latest trends and adapting our products to complement consumers’ evolving lifestyles. Our customers’ feedback drives MANCINI forward and enables us to produce the new products that consumers are demanding. We are passionate about what we do and feed off that energy on a daily basis.

Q: What does the future hold for Mancini Leather Goods, and how do you see the next 25 years of your business evolving? A: Everyone at MANCINI feels they are part of a great team that shares the same passion and philosophy. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are determined to take MANCINI to new heights. We are stepping up our marketing and advertising efforts to help our business partners enhance consumer traffic and retail sales. We are expanding MANCINI into the United States and strategically partnering with companies that share our philosophy. MANCINI will continue to offer the finest personal leather goods supported by a long standing tradition of superior quality and service. Our strong commitment to our customers is focused on making MANCINI the unequivocal choice for the quality conscious consumer.

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