Jan 10

ISA of Canada brings Epic Travel Gear to Canada

Ron Ste Marie  & his team / ISA Of Canada ,Lorena Pereyra & Darren Camick  have been working with Epic Travel Gear (SCANDINAVIAN TRAVEL INNOVATION AB) www.epictravelgear.com of Sweden since The TGA Show in Vegas as well as showing together @ the LLHA show in September

These cool looking Scandinavian bags, designed by Epic’ s manufacturing team, with all its style and durability, do not cost a fortune. The quality of the bags is designed for harsh conditions as the outdoor adventurous life of travellers was at the forefront of the manufacturing team’s success.

Epic’s belief is to produce durable bags, which in the long run helps to preserve the environment for all. The passion of the company is thrown right into the products that are produced so that the end results send out great fashion and functionality.

Epic provides many designs of luggage at different KEY price point. Contact stemarie@isaofcanada.com for further information.