In memory of Harvey Strom

Oct 23

In memory of Harvey Strom

Harvey Strom spent his entire career building relationships with his clients in
sales. His early years were in men’s apparel, where he worked as a salesman and
was eventually promoted to store manager for a high-end retailer. In 1978, with his
vast experience and likeable personality, he decided to open his own store, The
609 Shoppe on the Danforth, in the heart of the up-and-coming Greek town district.
There he enjoyed many great years of success, developing a dedicated clientale,
including familiar names such as wrestler Jimmy Snuka, musician Edwin Starr, and
even once Johnny Cash called his home (his wife Bev hung up thinking it was a
crank call).
During this time, his three sons were starting to partake in sports, and Harvey, being
the dedicated father, volunteered his time to the community as a baseball coach and
sponsor to The 609 Shoppe baseball team. He also drove his three sons to hockey
practices and games and always made time for his family.
Needing a change to obtain a better life balance, Harvey started working again as a
sales rep for a sunglasses company. As the primary sales rep and noting the business
could be managed better, he took ownership of the company in 1982, with Harvey
working the front line sales and service, while his Bev ran the day-to-day operations.
In 1996, Harvey entered the luggage apparel industry, where he worked as a sales
rep for a few companies before he began representing Champs Canada Inc. in 2013,
where he remained until his untimely death in May 2017.
Harvey was a man who enjoyed life. He cared about his accounts, but more
importantly, he was a people person, always inquiring about his clients and their
families and sharing stories. He liked doing things the old-school way: face-to-face.
He enjoyed his work and, quite frankly, never planned on retiring. He will be missed.