Guy Elbaz: sharing his observations after 25 years in the industry

Mar 12

Guy Elbaz: sharing his observations after 25 years in the industry

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Being in the sales industry for more than 25 years, Guy Elbaz shares his observations on how the industry shifted towards digital commerce and how the customers now gained more power and variety of choices. 

Q: What major retail changes have you observed throughout your career in
this industry? 
A: More and more people, including my customers, are using the Internet to see what is available online and at what price the market is.

Q: So you can say that you see a great shift towards digital commerce in the industry? Could you compare the situation today and how it was 5-10 years back? A: Yes, big changes have occurred in the past five years or even less. If you compare the situation today versus 5-10 years back, it can be seen that everybody walks around with their iPhones and tablets. And with a click of a button you can easily see who is doing what and at what price you can buy the product that you are interested in. As well you can easily purchase the item from home.

Q: How in your opinion have these changes affected the selling industry and your selling style? A: For example, I have to be aware of what my competition price ranges are, so that we can stay competitive. As well, a customer may find on the Internet the same product that I am selling, but for cheaper price. There are so many examples of such products: handbags, various accessories and many others.

Q: What influences you to remain in sales industry? A: When I see that certain customers are ready to follow me wherever I was going. When Elpro closed after 25 years, my customers followed me to the line of products I carry today. It’s me that they trust and then comes the product that I sell.

 Q: What’s your secret to being a successful sales agent? A: I treat all my customers with respect. If they need a product that I don’t have, I do my best to help them source or get information, so they are able to get that item. It is called looking after your customer needs. They will remember you went out of your way to help them. 

Q: Why are you so passionate about this industry? A: Because during 25 years I have met lots of interesting people and I have networked myself pretty well. As well one of the most important reasons for me is a relationship that I have with certain accounts. Some of the accounts that I work for treat me like family and are a pleasure to work with. For others I am just a sales rep, and all that matters to them is how much I am selling for. But the ones with whom I have this relationship have been there for more than 15 years and they are still around.