China’s ‘Marine Tourism Year’ Presents Great Opportunities by Jeff Dagg

Sep 30

China’s ‘Marine Tourism Year’ Presents Great Opportunities by Jeff Dagg

Last year China declared that 2013 would be known as “Marine Tourism Year”. The purpose of this declaration was to help encourage the Chinese people to venture from the country and explore other parts of the world. It is also structured to attract more foreign vacationers to the coastal cities of the country. Although, China already has a significant incoming quantity of vacationers each year they expect that the expansion of the cruise industry will bring more people and further stimulate the economy.

At the beginning of 2013 the first passenger based ship set sail from Sanya, which officially announced the entry of China into the world cruise ship tourism market. The numbers behind why this is so significant are actually quite shocking. It has been estimated that the cruise ship industry will contribute over 8 Billion US to the economy of China by the year 2020. One of the ways the Chinese tourism industry hopes to reach and surpass these estimates is to attract a younger audience. Dai Bin is the head of Chinese tourism and he believes that implementing cultural ideas that appeal to younger generations may be the key to help the industry flourish.

In the current state, China has 5 major coastal resorts that are fit for tourists. These include Bohai Bay, The Yangtze River Delta, The Pearl River Delta, The Taiwan Strait and Hainan Island. Given the expected changes to the Chinese tourism industry there are currently 10 more cities along the coast that are developing in order to support not only the massive cruise ships, but all the tourists they bring as well.

So what does this mean for the travel industry? It means that over the next 5 years, the travel industry in that portion of the world is going to be a huge opportunity.

If you begin to think of the population of China and the fact that only a small percentage of them have even been away on vacation it shouldn’t be surprising that this market is a very important one. All of the necessities of travel are going to become extremely high in demand but there is also going to be huge potential for the Chinese economy with the incoming visitors. Many jobs will be created and the economy will benefit greatly from both the coming tourists and leaving vacationers. Overall, it is extremely important to keep an close eye on the Chinese travel industry as it presents one of the most substantial opportunities in today’s travel industry, especially since it has been predicted that China will become the second largest global cruise market after the US by the year 2017.

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