Mar 04

A sad farewell

After 138 years, Kelly’s Luggage closed its doors for the final time on December 31, 2014.

I have been in this business for close to forty five years and have seen many changes to independent retailers. Once small stores were a vital part of any mall; today most malls do not want independents, they want to look the same coast to coast. So, with the big box stores, the shopping channels and online shopping, our time had come.

Kelly’s was one of the original C.L.L.D.A. members and I have proudly been a member and served on the board for many years. It has been wonderful watching it grow and diversify. Debbie and I have certainly enjoyed our many relationships with all the members, our suppliers and reps we have been privileged to know and work with. We consider many of you good friends and will remember all the great times we spent together. Please look us up if ever you are down East!

It has been a very emotional and difficult decision to close, however, we leave this business knowing Kelly’s has served our community with good service, honesty and respect. We will miss all of you and wish you all continued success.

Thanks for the memories!

Brian & Debbie Hobrecker